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FSD4000 / FSD3000 / FSD3100

With the Juice Maker ‚FSD‘ you transform fresh tap water and fruit juice concentrate with one tip to a high-quality, cooled fruit juice. Additionally in series fresh, cooled drinking water can be tapped. Large bright buttons make possible a  direct selection of the beverages.


There is the Juice Maker ‚FSD‘ for 2, 3 or 4 concentrate Bags (BIB*) with dimensions optimized in each case. The large, illuminated display makes the ideal placement for your advertising message possible. 


Not only the beverage in the run, but also the concentrate bag (Bag-In-Box) in the interior are cooled by the integrated, room-circulation cooling. Thanks to the efficient constellation, 60 litres per hour of 6 – 8 °C cooled juice can be tapped device-dependent! The emptied bag will be changed completely with its hose.


The new Power-Dispenser with 60 l/h dispensing capacity offers many new innovative functions and even easier maintenance


Economy machine with 30 l/h dispensing capacity





Our proven Power machine with 60 l/h dispensing capacity




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