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About us

With the vision to develop, to produce and to distribute high quality cooling furniture, 

K. & M. Holland GmbH aimed high and set up a production plant with machines which were state of the art.

Cooling counters, Keg Coolers and Waste disposal coolers with optimized capacities and an eco-friendly and energy-saving insulation were developed and sold to the catering and hotel sector in Europe.

The company history

K. & M. Holland GmbH, these days a company with approximately 70 employees, was founded in 1978 by the entrepreneurs Klaus and Marion Holland in Munich.

In the year 1991 the company was relocated to Bogen, near the city Straubing in Lower Bavaria. Their aim was to build up their own development and production plant for the hotel industry and the catering sector.

By setting their target on development, production and the distribution of cooling furniture, Mr. and Mrs. Holland built up their own production plant with high precision machinery which was state of the art. Resulting of the long-lasting experience K. & M. Holland GmbH meanwhile produces a wide range of standard cooling units.

In 1997 K. & M. Holland GmbH acquired MAGNUS Getränketechnik MGT GmbH and incorporated it as an independent company. By taking over MGT, the product range was extended through high efficient dispensers for beer and juices. In combination with the double amount of know-how, K. & M. Holland GmbH was able to move mainstream in the first line of producers who manufacture cooling equipment in Europe.

In the new millennium the innovative company developed a new generation of juice dispensers by cooperating with leading juice producers. The result of this cooperation is the new Juicemaker serial FSD 3100 which enjoyed great popularity in a little while
on the European market.


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